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Attitude, Criticism and Effort (A.C.E.)

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These excerpts are taken from the book "STUFF Good Players Should Know" by Dick DeVenzio. After playing for his father in high school, where their undefeated Ambridge team has been called the best in Pennsylvania history, Dick DeVenzio, author of "Stuff Good Players Should Know", was a three year starting point guard at Duke University, where he was an Academic All-American. Since then, Dick has played and coached professionally, has written numerous articles on college basketball, has run several basketball camps including the Point Guard Basketball College, and is the author of several other books.

Read what has been said about "Stuff":

  • There are only so many things a coach can teach a player. Instinct is not one of them. This book teaches it -- in black and white.
  • This book is a very good book for the serious player. It doesn't concentrate on fundamentals but on the more important and advanced aspects of the game.
  • This book will help you improve your game tremendously, especialy in the mental area. I consider this to be my basketball bible.
Click the book to the left to visit, the internet's largest bookstore, where you can purchase "Stuff: Good Players Should Know".

Some Thoughts on Summer Camp

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Honing Your Skills During the Season

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