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-- ncaa --
NCAA Tournament (www.finalfour.net)
ESPN SportsZone Women's College Basketball
USA Today Women's Basketball

-- penn state lady lions --
Penn State University Women's Basketball

-- stanford lady cardinal --
The Stanford Cardinal at gostanford.com

-- tennessee lady vols --
Tennessee Lady Vols
UT Lady Vols

-- wnba --
The Official Website of the WNBA
Women's Basketball on CBS Sportsline
The WNBA on Nando.net
USA Today Women's Basketball

-- basketball in general --
Full Court Press
The Basketball Highway
Women's Basketball at the Mining Co.
Court Awareness Online
USA Basketball
Steph's Animated Dribbling Drills

-- news & information --
The Official Website of the NCAA
WWW Women's Sports Page
Empowering Women in Sports

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