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Funny Forwards

A HUGE database of funny things forwarded to me in emails
from friends and relatives! Check it out!

One of the funniest comediennes I know!

The Art of the Mix

Lyrics Planet

The Oracle of Bacon

The Daily .WAV

Movie Sounds

Internet Movie Database

Drew's Script-o-Rama

The Quotations Page

Urban Legends Reference Page


Dilbert Archive
Born Loser Archive
Frank and Ernest Archive

The Funny Pages
(Check out the Factual Humor)

Billboard Online

Professional Cartoonists

Dr. Seuss's Seussville
And to think I saw it on PP's street!

Scooby Web O'Rama

Comedy Central

Sounds Galore at Geek Girl!

The 80's Server

MTV Online

I3 Webmail

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